Progress In Transplantation Journal

For many years our membership in STSW has included a subscription to the quarterly journal produced by SAGE, called “Progress in Transplantation”. The decision has been made to stop production of the hard-copy journal, and to make it available solely online. It will continue to be published four times a year.

To access the online journal, you will need to register with SAGE PUBLICATIONS.

  • Download instructions or view below
  • Be sure to register using the same email address which you use to receive STSW mailings.
  • Once you complete your SAGE registration, you will receive a welcome email from them within a few days.

This change is effective immediately, Winter 2021.

Progress in Transplant Journal Instructions

Beginning in 2021, Progress in Transplantation will be available online only for STSW and NATCO members. 

It is no longer a hard-copy journal.  To access your online journal, there is a multi-step registration process. 

IMPORTANT:  STSW members who have already registered for Progress in Transplantation will need to reactivate their subscription.  STSW has assigned new member ID numbers and the old ones have been deactivated.  To reactivate your subscription:

If you are registering for the first timeClick here, complete your details.  You will then receive a verification email to activate your account.  Please “activate your account”, and then sign in

After you log in - Once logged into your account here, you will then be able to activate online access to Progress in Transplantation with your STSW society membership number*  

  • Select the Society Member Access tab
  • Select the correct society from the drop-down list

  • Enter the correct membership number*.   
  • Select the Activate button

Now that you have activated your online access to the Progress in Transplantation, please sign up for Email Alerts to be notified when a new issue and the latest content publishes, at

For any further assistance, please contact

*You can find your STSW membership / ID number by signing in to,and clicking on your name in the upper right quadrant.  This will take you to your profile. Your membership number will either be listed under “User ID” about ΒΌ of the way down the page, or to the right of your name on the top of the page.

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