Psychosocial Research in Transplant

The Society for Transplant Social Workers strongly encourages members to develop and conduct their own research projects or participate in research efforts within their transplant program. The Society also promotes research by forwarding vetted research surveys to our membership on psychosocial topics.

In order to promote social work research in organ transplantation and mechanical circulatory support, STSW offers a $5000 research grant to fund the efforts of our members. The purposes of these grants are to: a) Encourage and support the undertaking of research in the field of psychosocial aspects of end organ failure and transplantation and b) Promote the publication of STSW members’ research findings in Progress in Transplantation.

    Grants for New Research

    A grant or grants of up to $5,000 will be made available from the Society treasury upon approval of the grant application. The STSW Research Chairs and committee will review the grant applications to determine the suitability of applications. The Executive Committee will grant final approval of the project and the amount of the stipend. The applicant will submit a year-end report detailing expenditures to the STSW Research Committee Chairs. The committee reserves the right to request receipts. Any unused funding will be returned to the Society at the completion of the study.

    • The principal investigator must be a member of STSW in good standing.
    • The proposed area of study must be one that the committee feels is of sufficient merit to warrant investigation.
    • The application for submission is available on the STSW website and includes:
        • Title of study
        • Authors (STSW investigator and faculty investigator)
        • IRB approval from all institutions participating in study
        • Letter of research support from department head
        • Research proposal
        • Objectives
        • Setting(s) and participants
        • Research methodology/ testing format
        • Time frame of study
        • Copy of all materials to be used (e.g., recruitment scripts, questionnaires, interview protocols, consent forms, cover letters, surveys, etc.)
        • Detailed explanation of proposed costs with amount of stipend request
        • Any other funding sources or prospects

    The completed study must be submitted to Progress in Transplantation for publication evaluation and submitted to the conference planning committee of STSW for presentation at an annual conference within three years of grant receipt. Completed applications should be sent to one of the Research Committee Co-Chairs:

    Kate Artin, LCSW, CCTSW, CCSW-MCS
    Transplant Case Manager
    UNC Center for Transplant Care / UNC Hospitals
    101 Manning Drive
    Chapel Hill, NC 27516
    Phone: 984-974-7591
    Fax: 984-974-6240

    Colleen Satarino, LMSW, CCTSW
    Kidney Pancreas Transplant Social Worker
    University of Michigan Transplant Center
    1500 E. Medical Center Dr.
    L 1252 WH
    Ann Arbor, MI 48109
    Phone: 734-936-4600
    Fax: 734-936-9110

    Grant Guidelines

    Grant Application

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